At the beginning of May, CMS released a final rule on “CY 2023 Policy and Technical Changes to the Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug Benefit Programs.” The most relevant (and troubling) portion of the rule concerns new requirements for marketing and enrollment calls to Medicare Beneficiaries. This rule intends to stop fraudulent or misleading actors – such as certain call centers – from manipulating Medicare beneficiaries. Unfortunately, however, the rule’s overly broad scope also applies these new regulations to licensed agents and brokers.

Effective October 1, 2022, all Medicare Agents must record all marketing and enrollment phone calls. In addition, CMS specifically stated the call must end if the beneficiary does not want to be recorded.

Unfortunately, our Agency is required to record our calls by the federal government. If you are not comfortable with a call being recorded, we welcome you to come to our office to meet in person to discuss your options and enrollment without being recorded.

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